I am Wearing Clothes but I am Naked 

My work I am Wearing Clothes but I am Naked is my contribution to the exhibition Flux showing right now at DC3 Art Projects in Edmonton. It was created in response to the year long research project on patient experiences dealing head and neck cancers. It brought together artists, medical researchers, and patients to share and translate cancer experiences. 

My piece deals with the aftermath of recovery, the distance that patients feel from their everyday life and specifically how fraught the social activity of eating becomes. 

Article: This is Not Art 

There’s an article from This is Not Art – an Italian/English site dedicated to art writing – about the Di Carta/Papermade exhibition in that my work is in. There’s a lovely write up about my piece in it. The article is in Italian but you’re just a short Google translate away from understanding plus there’s great install pictures. Enjoy! 

Okanagan Print Triennial 2015

I am one of 23 artists accepted into this year’s Okanagan Print Triennial. I decided to make my way out to Vernon for the exhibition opening and it was great to see the stunning range of works as well as a large and enthusiastic crowd. The Vernon Public Art Gallery rented some shipping containers to set up an off-site gallery a few blocks away as they couldn’t fit everything into the gallery. Here are some photo highlights from the exhibition. Congratulations to Sean Caulfield who won the grand prize.


New Prints (The Body, Stranger Series)

Here are the first two prints of 2015. They are part of The Body, Stranger series exploring issues relating to chronic illness and identity. Both are silkscreen on paper and 22″ x 30″.

Daily Task, Daily Forgetting (silkscreen, 30" x 15")

Daily Task, Daily Forgetting (silkscreen, 30″ x 15″)

Constructing a Self Based on the Evidence (silkscreen, 22" x 30")

Constructing a Self Based on the Evidence (silkscreen, 22″ x 30″)

The City of Burnaby Permanent Art Collection

For over a year, I’ve had several works as part of the Burnaby Art Gallery’s Art Rental and Sales program. 2014 was the last active year of the program so though my work is no longer available through their sales, I was pleased to have the City of Burnaby purchase one of my prints for their permanent collection just prior to having my work returned to me.

Beginning in the Far (silkscreen 13 5/8" x 20")

Beginning in the Far (silkscreen 13 5/8″ x 20″)

New Tiny Prints

I’ve recently created several tiny prints (largest dimension is no larger than 3″ on these prints) related to my new series The Body, Stranger. Its been helpful to create these small, quick prints as a way to work through my ideas.


Sinking In (etching and chine colle, 3" x 2.25")

Sinking In (etching and chine colle, 3″ x 2.25″)

Away (etching and chine colle, 2.25" x 2")

Away (etching and chine colle, 2.25″ x 2″)

Hidden (etching and chine colle, 2.25" x 2")

Hidden (etching and chine colle, 2.25″ x 2″)