When Istanbul was Constantinople…

I recently completed a small suite of prints inspired by a recent trip to Turkey. I was struck by the depth of history in the country as it seemed you couldn’t walk a block without tripping on seven layers of magical wonders from great civilizations of the past. A visit to the Cappadocia region revealed caves and churches built into a surreal landscape of spires and cliffs where Byzantinians and later Christians hid from persecution. ¬†As a tourist, we were shown the bright sides of life in Turkey and we were humbled upon our return to see that areas we walked through just days before were now full of protesters and police. You never really get to know a country just roaming through it for a few weeks but it can definitely leave an impression that lingers beyond the visit.

Overwritten (silkscreen) 11" x 15"

Overwritten (silkscreen) 11″ x 15″

Soft Surfacing (silkscreen) 15" x 11"

Soft Surfacing (silkscreen) 15″ x 11″

Lost Texts Readable (silkscreen)11" x 15"

Lost Texts Readable (silkscreen)11″ x 15″

Renaming the New (Silkscreen) 11" x 15"

Renaming the New (Silkscreen) 11″ x 15″

Summer Exhibition Extravaganza!

Lots of exhibitions on the go this summer! My work is still at Red Delicious Press for the Water on Paper exhibition. I am participating in the 12th Lessedra World Art Print Annual in Bulgaria and the 33rd Miniprint of Cadaques in Spain both for the second time. They are large miniprint exhibitions that take place each year. I am also showing work for the first time in New York and have a piece in the Manhattan Graphics Center’s 3rd Annual Printmaking Juried Show. The juror is Roberta Waddell, Curator of Prints Emerita, New York Public Library. Go go prints to places that I’ve never been! (and bring back cake or some sort of local treat).

Printeresting Article

Printeresting is one of my favourite printmaking sites and I was thrilled that they recently accepted an article that I wrote about the 8th Biennial International d’Estampe Contemporain de Trois Rivieres (BIECTR). Back in November, I was invited to be part of the jury, an intensive three-day process that was an awesome opportunity to dialogue about amazing prints (in French no less) and I wanted to visit the exhibition once it was up. In June I attended the opening of the exhibition which sprawls across four venues. Its a great selection of works by some amazing artists from around the world. You can read my article here: Trois-Rivieres Survey