Article: This is Not Art 

There’s an article from This is Not Art – an Italian/English site dedicated to art writing – about the Di Carta/Papermade exhibition in that my work is in. There’s a lovely write up about my piece in it. The article is in Italian but you’re just a short Google translate away from understanding plus there’s great install pictures. Enjoy! 

On Small Prints 

I wrote an article for SNAP to accompany the BIMPE exhibition that opened this month. An excerpt: 

Image construction means focusing our attention down towards the picture space and moving in, rather than out, to take in the whole image. When we look at a small image, we, as the viewer, dive into the picture and deliberately project ourselves into the details, a much different act of looking than when a large image engulfs us.”

Read the rest of “On Small Prints” here.

The Hand Magazine

Some of my work will be in the next issue of The Hand magazine. They feature works by printmakers and photographers in an image-heavy publication. Its a young magazine and its nice to see one dedicated to works by printmakers (and photographers too!). Ultimate friendship mag for people who make multiples. You can subscribe or purchase the next issue by clicking on this link.

Printeresting Article

Printeresting is one of my favourite printmaking sites and I was thrilled that they recently accepted an article that I wrote about the 8th Biennial International d’Estampe Contemporain de Trois Rivieres (BIECTR). Back in November, I was invited to be part of the jury, an intensive three-day process that was an awesome opportunity to dialogue about amazing prints (in French no less) and I wanted to visit the exhibition once it was up. In June I attended the opening of the exhibition which sprawls across four venues. Its a great selection of works by some amazing artists from around the world. You can read my article here: Trois-Rivieres Survey