The Imagined Past opens Friday!

The works for my exhibition The Imagined Past have been in the works for several years now so it feels strange to finally have them set up and working in the gallery. I can’t quite believe they are finally doing what they’re supposed to as I’ve spent the past few days patching code and fixing lose connections (on top of tinkering with them for the past few years, making them work more effectively). Will my amateur electronics/code/construction techniques hold up? Join me on Friday February 22nd at 8:00pm at Stride Gallery or on Saturday February 23rd at 2:00pm for my artist talk to find out! The show is up until March 22nd. Stride is located at 1004 MacLeod Trail SE in Calgary.

Marc Dulude is showing works in the upstairs gallery in his exhibition Have You Seen This? Its a great show by an excellent Quebec artist whose practice concerns itself with sublime spatial experiences using mirrors, the viewer and nature. His artist talk is the same day as mine at 1:00pm.

The Imagined Past in the Stride Project Room (Calgary).

The Imagined Past in the Stride Project Room (Calgary).

In China

Its my last morning in Beijing before I catch a plane to Chongqing where I will be participating in the 3rd Qijiang International Printmaking Festival.

Just back from my trip, exhausting and wonderful.  They really went all out with girls dressed in white with furry shawls to welcome us, all kinds of banners and posters, corsages and floral bouquets.  It was strange to be photographed all week, taken for lavish dinners (of all kinds of innards) and to try and communicate with people using mostly culturally-ignorant pantomime.  It was excellent to see all the wonderful work in the show and meet some of the other artists.  Here’s the website for the exhibition: 3rd Qijiang International Printmaking Festival.  More to come on the trip and the other artists!

hi its me next to my printI spoke at a symposium about something that I’m sure was not the same as what it says on the poster.