Summer Projects

I’m currently on the other side of the world, recharging my batteries in Australia and Indonesia. My work is never far from my mind and I have several projects coming up during the summer. First up is the Douro Biennial in Portugal. It is quite exciting to have been selected for this. Next up is the inaugural Calgary Biennial in September. I’ll be reincarnating some of my plexiglass works and making a large piece. The theme for the biennial is home and it will be great to see the different interpretations and the depth within the Calgary scene. I’ll be doing some writing while away – it will be interesting to consider home when I’m so far from it.

Just before I left I sent a new edition of prints off to Dustyn Bork who is organizing an interesting portfolio exchange for the Mid-America Print Council. The theme is “High Five” and each of us are making a print in our own style. Then each of us will receive one print from one of the other participants and will make a response print. It’s a great concept and I look forward to seeing all the echoes and connections.

New Print (NSCAD Exchange)

Last year, I organized an exchange exhibition between ACAD and Emily Carr in Vancouver (with my counterparts on the coast Beth Howe and Diyan Achjadi). This year, ACAD is creating a portfolio with our allies at NSCAD (with Eastern coast printmakers Mitch Mitchell and Mark Bovey). We will each be shipping our prints at the end of the month and each institution will be hosting an exhibition of the portfolio in March. I was able to take advantage of reading week to complete my edition. I look forward to seeing the rest of the prints in the folio.

Frost Juncture (silkscreen 11" x 15")