Portfolio Exchange with Zayed University in Dubai

At the start of the fall semester, an opportunity arose for ACAD’s print media students to exchange work with students at Zayed University in Dubai. We jumped at the chance to connect with a far-away institutions and to see what sort of prints are being made in the desert. The prints have arrived and we were treated to a lovely range of mostly dry points and linocuts. My contribution is below:



Missed Connection/Connection Portfolio for SGC

Lisa Turner invited me to participate in a portfolio project for the upcoming SGC conference in San Francisco. There’s a stellar list of people involved and I’m looking forward to seeing what the likes of Mark Bovey, Beth Howe, Sean Caulfield (and many more) have made. My contribution is related to my new body of work about experiences with auto-immune illness. My work looks at the effects of the destruction of connections between nerve endings caused by the destruction of myelin.

Limbs Made Unfamiliar (18" x 24") silkscreen

Limbs Made Unfamiliar (18″ x 24″) silkscreen


On The Bus at the EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts

The portfolio that I organized after my trip to China for the Qijiang Printmaking Festival is currently being exhibited at the EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts here in Calgary. They have a series of window galleries that feature small project works. Its been great to reconnect with some of the international artists that I met on this trip through this exhibition. If you hit up a play at the Centre in the next few months, be sure to take a look.





John Snow House Portfolio Fundraiser

I was invited by the New Gallery to participate in their portfolio fundraiser for the John Snow House. Ten artists with a connection to the artist-run centre were invited to create a single-colour digital image that they printed on John Snow’s old relief press. My contribution and an image of the press are below. It marks the first time that someone else has printed one of my images. The full folio is available for purchase from the New Gallery.



High Five Portfolio Exchange

Earlier this summer, I was invited by Dustyn Bork to participate in an exchange portfolio for the 2012 Mid-America Print Council (MAPC) Biennial Conference: Pressing Prints/Pressing Palms. The High Five exchange portfolio features ten artists making one initial print edition each and then creating a print in response to one of the other (randomly assigned) prints in the folio. The first round is over (see my print below) and I have been assigned a silkscreen by Lou Joseph titled “Drone Overhead”. I’ll be working on this print over the next two months, I love this idea of call and response and cross country exchange.

Past Echoes by Heather Huston
Silkscreen 11″ x 15″

Drone Overhead by Lou Joseph
Silkscreen 11″ x 15″

Summer Projects

I’m currently on the other side of the world, recharging my batteries in Australia and Indonesia. My work is never far from my mind and I have several projects coming up during the summer. First up is the Douro Biennial in Portugal. It is quite exciting to have been selected for this. Next up is the inaugural Calgary Biennial in September. I’ll be reincarnating some of my plexiglass works and making a large piece. The theme for the biennial is home and it will be great to see the different interpretations and the depth within the Calgary scene. I’ll be doing some writing while away – it will be interesting to consider home when I’m so far from it.

Just before I left I sent a new edition of prints off to Dustyn Bork who is organizing an interesting portfolio exchange for the Mid-America Print Council. The theme is “High Five” and each of us are making a print in our own style. Then each of us will receive one print from one of the other participants and will make a response print. It’s a great concept and I look forward to seeing all the echoes and connections.